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Team Building Cruise

Team Building Cruises in St Augustine

Black Raven Pirate Adventures offers a variety of team building experiences for businesses and organizations of all kinds. Whether you are part of a family-owned business, a non-profit organization or a Fortune 500 company Black Raven Adventures will design a team building experience just for you. Each is tailored to meet your objectives and address the specific challenges and/or opportunities that may be facing your organization.

Pirates were true team players, leaders and strategists

Pirates of the 17th and 18th century should not be confused with reckless, ruthless and shameless hooligans dreamt up for the movies. They were more akin to privateers, aggressive businessmen famed for their leadership, tactics, and resourcefulness as much as for their blade. These pirates and their crews plied the seas from Africa to the Caribbean, hunting opportunities to capture success.

The Team Building Experience

The team building experience typically ranges from 2 to 3 hours in duration, ideally accommodates 35 to 75 participants, and includes interactive large and small group exercises in Collaboration Leadership Development, Strategic Thinking, Communications, and more—all aimed at building stronger teams. This largely takes place aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship and can also include a meal and briefing/debriefing at a landslide banquet facility just steps from the Marina.

In all cases, our crew of pirates, led by a professional management consultant, will help focus and engage the participants and demonstrate specific values and takeaways from the experience that can be applied in the workplace. It’s not for fun, but it will be a lot of fun!

Dynamic & Unique Event

This dynamic cruise is a wonderful way to break from the constraints of typical corporate events. Give your employees not only a valuable session that will boost productivity but also an enthralling trip down the Matanzas River.

Utilizing current and reputable techniques presented with Pirate Flair, our professional staff will provide a customized program and a course you can navigate to take your company to greater success.

  • Imagine your crew finding new ways to deal with everyday situations
  • Imagine what your team can do when they accept and accentuate their individual and group strengths
  • Imagine your employees using those strengths to become a dedicated team that meets every challenge

Now stop imagining and take the first steps to achieving the goals you always wished could be accomplished!

Here’s How it Works—It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact Us to let us know what you have in mind, including desired date or date range, approximate number of participants and a brief description of their role(s) with in the company, provide a brief description of your organization and the nature of your business, your overall objectives for the learning experience and any particular issues or challenges the group is current facing.
  2. Participate in a 30-minute call with our consultant to review and discuss the above information so that we can tailor the experience to best meet your needs and optimize the value you receive of any answers to questions you may have
  3. We’ll provide a detailed proposal of your tailored Team Building Experience including our understanding of your specific needs and objectives, the specific design of your program, included planned exercises, expected outcomes, costs and pricing.

Team Leader – Richard Azzarello

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