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Black Raven Adventures

St. Augustine Pirate Ship Cruises

Water Select a Pirate Adventure!

North Florida's only sailing pirate cruise in St. Augustine

The Black Raven pirate ship was designed to be a floating theater and is USCG-approved for up to 127 passengers. The first time we dropped anchor was on May 8, 2009 and we are still operating from the same dock in St. Augustine, FL.

No other attraction can live up to these exhilarating and unique live and interactive St. Augustine pirate ship shows. Our core program consist of three different types of voyages: our daily all-ages show, the Treasure Hunt, the adults-only trip, the Rum Runners which sails every Friday and Saturday evening, and last but not least, the birthday adventures which sail Saturdays at 12:15 pm. Book your pirate cruise from St. Augustine online today! 

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Come Aboard The Mighty
Black Raven Pirate Ship!

See Florida’s best live pirate show onboard a real pirate ship in St. Augustine. The Black Raven pirate ship was designed and built to be a floating performance stage for live pirate shows. In fact, the ship was designed to fit the dock where she is currently moored.

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of dynamic and interactive entertainment programs that will suite all ages. The crew’s ambition is to deliver the best pirate show in Florida, regardless of the audience age group. The performance is rehearsed, but not scripted, allowing the pirates to improvise with the crowd. You never know what will happen while sailing across the mystic Matanzas Bay…book your pirate cruise in St. Augustine online today!

Sail Through Our 5-Star Black Raven Pirate Ship Reviews!

Black Raven Adventures
Highlight of Our Trip

Took my daughter and 2 grandsons (7 & 3) on a mini adventure for a week and the Black Raven’s Treasure Hunt was the favorite activity by far. The boys are still talking like pirates and can’t wait to go back!!! The interactive show was awesome and the entire crew made the day amazing!

– Sandra B. | Facebook
Black Raven Adventures

We did the Night of Lights tour and it was AWESOME! The crew was fantastic and so much fun they were perfectly piratey, but also able to turn it off and make recommendations for other things in the area or to point out the dolphins swimming off the sides of the boat. It was great for kids and adults and we can’t wait to come back and do the “regular” ride with the show.

– Heather H. | Google Reviews
Black Raven Adventures
The Best Wedding!

Thank you all for the wonderful elopement wedding in a lightning storm! Also, thanks for the trash bag for me to wear with the dress!! Haha! The most memorable wedding in history, I think! Timothy and I appreciate everything! We shall be back!!

– Wendy R. | Facebook
Black Raven Adventures
Great Time!

We did the evening tour and it was absolutely awesome and funny. We had a great time and the dirty jokes and songs were a lot of fun! Recommended for folks who are not easily offended and enjoy dirty jokes and good humor!

– Wendy R. | Google Reviews